RuggedMan Tackles Lai Mohammed Over His Unnecessary Fear Of Social Media

Veteran Nigerian RuggedMan has slammed Information Minister, Lai Mohammed over his call for regulation of social media. Nigeria’s information minister, Lai Mohammed, had earlier called for the government to regulate social media before it destroys the country.

Reacting to Lai Mohammed’s call for social media regulation, the famous rapper asked Nigerian government to feed social media with contents of their completed projects and earn accolades rather than advocate for its regulation.

According to the musician, only those who are afraid of their failures being exposed are afraid of social media.

He tweeted, “Who is us? Social media spreads what you feed it. Feed social media with positive works you have done and it will be spread it. You will in turn get respect and accolades. Only those who do not want their unproductive, failed selves exposed are afraid of social media. #DoYourWork.”

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