See The Savage Reply Peruzzi Gave A Fan Who Begged For Space On Davido’s Private Jet

Nigerians are generally known now for their savage replies on social media. Nigerians have zero chill and Nigerian celebrities are also hopping on the ‘savage train’.

Nigerian singer, Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, better known by his stage name, Peruzzi,wasted no time in slamming a fan who begged for a space in Davido’s private jet.

The fan simply identified with the Twitter handle @Paul_ib had made the request following reactions that trailed President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent speech. Nigerians who are known to not take life too seriously,had made jokes upon jokes about leaving Nigeria by all means possible. They used this to express the hopelessness of the situation of Nigeria after the president addressed the nation on the 22nd of October 2020 in a live broadcast.

Paul said he has had enough of Nigeria and wants to travel overseas but lacking a means of transporting himself abroad, he requested to join Davido on his Private Jet even if it means being lapped by Peruzzi.


However, Peruzzi responded to Paul’s request and said that even his girlfriend has not yet secured a seat on the Private jet. Ha ha.

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