Tacha Says Marriage Is Not A Priority

Big Brother Naija Tacha has taken to her social media page to share how she feels about marriage.

The Pepper Dem star said that it is not a big deal while urging society to stop pushing the narrative that women need marriage more than men.

Tacha said this in reaction to the Channels TV reporter Pius Angbo who beat his wife to stupor a few weeks after she put to birth.

The issue got the attention of many Nigerians who have been sharing their thoughts online and Tacha is just one of them.

According to her, marriage isn’t a priority, noting that she hates that women have been brainwashed to believe that it is.

Tacha stated that people should stop attaching importance to the union of a man and woman.

She said:

“It is rings and 2 adults, it is not a priority. The lame mentality needs to stop. Y’all, there’s so much to this life than 2 rings and 2 adults. I beg you, if it isn’t working, leave.”


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