“The Hype Around Bone Straight Hair Is What Made It Expensive” – Pretty Mike Blows Hot

Popular Nigerian socialite, Pretty Mike, has spoken about ladies’ love for bone straight hair, saying that he does not understand the hype around it.

He added that the hair had always been available before now. Pretty Mike said that it is only the name that seems new.

The socialite went ahead to say that the hair was the least expensive because most people considered it to be inferior to curly ones.

He said that it is a pity that because of the trends, the price has unreasonably gone up. The socialite wondered how a merchant would sell a wig for N400,0000 when it was only made with N250,000 hair and N55,000 closure.

Pretty Mike said that whoever affected the price of bone straight is a real business genius, adding that there was nothing like that earlier in the year.

Below are some of the reaction his post got:


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