“The Older The Man, The Sweeter” – Actress Calista Okoronkwo Affirms

Nigerian actress, Calista Okoronkwo is still single, even with many suitors running after her.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun News, the Imo State-born thespiansaid she will prefer to marry an older man but will not want to be in a polygamous marriage.

She said:

“I can marry an older man, but I cannot be somebody’s second or third wife. The older the sweeter. I always like my man to be older than me so that I can feel some sense of security and comfort around him. If he’s much younger, I’ll probably not take him seriously, and that’s the truth”

Calista Okoronkwo had earlier this year revealed in an interview that she can never be anyone’s second wife, regardless of the monetary gain.


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