“The True Assets Of Our Nation Are Our Young Children”- Sijibomi Ogundele, LLB

My mother had already told me no one can deny me of anything in life, that’s why Everything I do, I do with confidence because from the age of 5, my mother had already told me that there’s nothing I touch that wouldn’t turn to gold.
She would say, “Ajani you are born to lead. You can achieve anything you want”.

These were the words of affirmation my mother pronounced on me and this is why I’ve never believed that I can fail in anything I do.

When I went on channels TV in 2014 and I told them that by 2020, Sujimoto will be the number 1 company in Nigeria when it comes to luxury living. I didn’t say it because I had one rich uncle or some money stashed somewhere. In fact, my account balance that morning was less than 200k Naira. But where I lacked in cash, I had abundance in confidence and resilience.

It is in that same dedication that during the Covid-19, where everyone saw calamity, I saw opportunity to develop LeonardoBySujimoto ,the best luxury condominium in Africa where the features and facilities can only compete with 5 star buildings in the world. Do not ever allow anyone tell you what you can or can’t become.
I use this opportunity to encourage our mothers and fathers to always pronounce greatness into the lives of their kids, and never scorn them. If they have shortcomings like we all do, please convert it into opportunity, see them for what you want them to become and never for their flaws.

If your son is not holding you responsible for not being the Dangote or the Adenuga like your mates, please you too, take the responsibility of not over pressurizing them due to their shortcomings. Let’s know that the true asset of our nation is in our young children.


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