Toke Makinwa Shares New Year Eve Inspirational Post To Fans

Popular Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has shared an inspirational message with fans on New Year’s Eve.

2021 is less than 12 hours away and Toke has used her life lessons as an example to inspire people not to give up no matter the situation.

Read long message below:

“When I asked God to take away my pain, remove my anxiety and just take it all away, his response to me was “that pain is your identity”, I will glorify myself with it. Wasn’t the response I was hoping for, I felt broken but he asked me to give it to him and leave it with him.

The life of the “called” is not an easy one, you think since he called you going forward life will be a jolly good ride? Never. Life in itself is not without hassle but if God has promised to go through it with you, however tired you may feel, it’ll end in praise.

So my self esteem was bruised a little, a lot actually cos that was not the response I expected from God, like other people don’t have to struggle so much, why me? do they have two heads?? Is it not enough? Ever felt this way??? Tough right?

I took some days off to nurse my wounds and just leave it all, forget what religion tells you, you can be upset with God, you are allowed to feel, to be disappointed, he is a tough guy he can handle it.

I’m not still a 100 I’m still finding my process but one thing I know is, I’ll leave it to him as he said. I trust that wherever I find myself, whatever happens, he will glorify himself and what that simply means is I’ll never be ashamed cos he will work it all out for my good.

I share so transparently cos I guess this is what he means by glorifying himself so if there’s anyone out there who feels like it’s all going to shit, maybe you’ll find some words of comfort in my tweets, maybe you’ll find a reason to fight, maybe you wouldn’t too.

Just go into the new year knowing that whatever happens, you are alive for a reason and as long as you are still here, your story is still being written and all it takes is one day, one day of change to visit you. Stay strong, stay safe, happy new year xx”

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