Trailer Crushes Man To Death After Jumping Onto A Trailer In Search Of COVID-19 Palliatives

While attempting to jump out of a trailer thought to be carrying COVID-19 Palliatives a man identified as an auto mechanic was crushed to death today, Saturday, October 24, at Awka, Anambra state at the popular Aroma junction.

An eyewitness told Daily Trust that the victim simply identified as Ala Owerri, jumped into a moving trailer thinking that truck was carrying COVID-19 palliatives and on getting to Aroma junction he jumped out of the moving trailer and was crushed by the vehicle.

Some youths went after a trailer, after it was gathered that some trailers were conveying COVID-19 Palliatives in Agu Awka to another location to prevent looting.

The deceased was said to have sighted a trailer on the road and jumped onboard only to find charcoal. He jumped back out and was crushed by the trailer tyres. His stomach was torn open and his legs broke under the weight of the vehicle.


Man crushed to death in Anambra after jumping onto a trailer in search of COVID-19 palliatives


An angry mob intercepted the trailer and set it on set it on fire.

An eyewitness who identified himself as Okey Uche said the driver of the trailer never knew that somebody jumped into his vehicle and was not aware when the man jumped back out.


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