Watch Cute Moment Linda Osifo Surprises Mom By Showing Up In Canada

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Linda Osifo, recently shared an awe-inspiring moment with her mum on social media.

In the video she shared via her official Instagram page, the beautiful actress who had been away from home because of her work surprised her mum by showing up at their home in Toronto, Canada.

Linda stated that her mum’s Christmas wish was to have her at home and she decided to grant it.

She also said that the beautiful woman was expecting a package from Nigeria not knowing it was her.

Linda’s mum could not believe her eyes as she opened her mouth in disbelief before shouting and eventually holding her daughter who had earlier warned her not to faint.

It was a beautiful moment to see as the men around also cheered both mother and daughter.

The screen diva captioned the post:

“I have been away from home because of work, and her wish for Christmas was for me to come home, so i made sure that wish is granted. I’ve never surprised anyone like this before. I was so nervous make she no go faint o! (I no want wahala o) I’m so thankful to be back home after what has been a long unusual year. Thanks a lot for the help bro @officialkellyanthony.”

So cute to watch🥺.

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