“Which Way Nigeria”- Chioma Akpotha Reacts To Videos Of People Taking Covid-19 Palliatives From Warehouses

Veteran Nollywood actress, Chioma Akpotha, has shared a heartfelt video on her Instagram page in reaction to viral videos that has been going round since on October 22, 2020, of people packing foodstuff from a warehouse filled with COVID-19 palliatives.

In the videos, warehouses after warehouses was seen filled with numerous foodstuff including bags of rice, garri, sugar, packs of noodles, pasta, among other things. A whole community was seen going into the warehouse to help themselves to these bags of foods after the place was discovered in Lagos.

The actress has spoken on the viral video of youths taking from a warehouse where COVID-19 palliatives were stored.

Interestingly, the entire foodstuff had COVID-19 palliative tags indicating that they should not be sold. These edibles also appeared to have been locked up in the warehouse for months seeing as the coronavirus lockdown had been called off a long time ago.

In reaction to the viral videos, Chioma asked why these things were not shared to the people they were meant for and asked how people could be so wicked to their fellow human beings.

The actress also recounted instances whereby large families were given meagre food to cater for themselves during the lockdown even though there was a warehouse like this in existence.

Chioma said during the lockdown, people were starving and nobody deemed it fit to distribute food that was actually meant for the masses. She said those foodstuffs were most likely going to be re-bagged for sale.

She captioned the video;

“WHICH WAY NIGERIA ! Still too shocked to articulate what my heart wants to say….Months after funds were raised for palliatives for the people of Nigeria, we see this?!!!!

“Why ?! Why are we our own destruction? Do we even care that people are HUNGRY and that hunger kills faster than COVID? Will they now say that these videos have been doctored too? Just look at the massive loot!

“Our own people continue to spit on our faces, shoot at us and watch us die. The day of reckoning is HERE !”

See the touching video below:


It had been earlier reported that the EndSARS protest took another turn in Lagos on Thursday, October 22, when some youths of Maza-Maza, Mile 2 area of the state uncovered a warehouse in the area stocked with COVID-19 palliatives.

The palliatives, which were branded CACOVID palliatives Lagos state, included countless bags of rice, cartons of noodles, spaghetti, salt, vegetable oil, tomato paste, beans, garri, and lots more.


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