Yemi Alade Kicks Against Opening Of Universities Amidst Covid-19 Surge

Popular Nigerian Singer Yemi Alade has spoken to oppose the reopening of Nigerian Universities academic activities amidst spike of Covid-19 in the country.

The singer expressed his opinion on Nigerian government making plans to re-open universities and she did it in a series of tweets on her official twitter page.

In her submission, Yemi Alade proposed a free Covid-19 test, free sanitisers, facemasks and, overalls for all students

She tweeted;

“I dont think Universities should open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a new strain for heaven sake! Atleast offer every returning student free covid tests, sanitisers, facemasks, overalls!

“How can you practice social distancing in a class of 100 students ! No free covid tests, face masks etc and you are opening Universities in the wake of a new strain! I’m confused”

The world has suffered in fighting the deadly Corona virus disease since it global breakout in 2020.

Although West African countries like Ghana has eased Covid-19 restrictions and schools are re-opening soon, but it seems Yemi Alade beleives Nigerai is not fully ready to ease restrictions on closing schools.


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