“You Can’t Kill A Man’s Ego And Ask For His Love When He’s Sorted” – Toyin Lawal

Popular Nigerian celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani, recently shared a post on social media about the things men are made to face in society and how it makes them want to be successful.

The socialite shared a post from one @abeyjomo as she showed her agreement with it.

In the post, it was explained that society constantly shamed single men not to attempt approaching women if they did not have money.

Further in the post, it explained that the society was very materialistic and poverty-stricken but that the rejection these men faced became encouragements for them to work harder and make it.

However, it explained that these men also become emotionally unavailable and see women as objects of gratification. It concluded that women should not kill a man’s ego and then want his love when he becomes sorted.

See the post below:


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